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Site moved, and app updates

Site has been moved from current hosting provider to amazon.  This should provide for more throughput and faster response times.

Thanks to the feedback from all of our users.  We are currently going through all the feedback and reviewing.

The two biggest updates coming are in app purchasing (to remove ads) and and UI updates to improve performance when swiping side/side.

Thank you all, for the support.

Phone losing ringtones?

Phone not saving, or losing ringtones after reboot?

This is not this application, but a bug in android.

Here is a list of the bugs, and effects other applications, not just this one.

Click on the number, and put a star on 13413 issue.

Note: 13413 has been assigned, just a matter of time for if/when it’s fixed.

 Issue 13413: Ringtones assigned to contacts do not maintain assignment after a reboot.
 Issue 12010: Phone ringtone resets to default on restart
 Issue 14613: Notification sounds on sd card are “forgotten”



Dr Who update

Dr Who Ringtones version 5.0.41 about to release onto the world.

  • Features new side-to-side swipe with tabs.
  • Includes tabs that are select able
  • New Fragment features, and action bar
  • Add preferences
  • Moved feedback under preferences to unclutter the main screen
Don’t mind the fact it took months to figure out fragmetns and make a working UI.

Some changes still needed, as I am not thrilled about the tabs.    But for now it works, and should make all the followers pleased, especially the old GB, and JB versions.

At one time I had 3 different versions for different API levels.  After months of supporting each one on its own, I HAD to figure out a way to make one version, with backwards compatibility.

New Re-Write of DrWho

We are working very hard to bring you a new DrWho ringtone application.

We are incorporating Fragments, and Services, Tabs, and more to better UI design.

We are also adding a new feature for in-app billing.  You can now donate (or purchase) this feature to remove all ads.

We also added donate button on website, and page.

Please donate to support us, and we will continue to bring quality apps to you.

Donate page here



Updating all apps

Starting with airplane ringtone a, then Dr who.  Enabling in app billing to allow end users to pay for ad removal. 

This allows to modes if support.  Ads, and in app donations.

Also fixing apps for jelly bean 4.1.

Lot more improvements…. and new gardening app currently in development.

Lots if fun coming soon.

Android ADB over TCPIP

enable adb over wifi:

  • setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555
  • stop adbd
  • start adbd

and to disable it:

  • setprop service.adb.tcp.port -1
  • stop adbd
  • start adbd
Must be root in order fot this to work.  Can be done via Terminal or GScripts.
Your phone should also be connected to the same network (via wifi) as your pc or laptop.

Android system read+write rw

Need to mount your android /system as read+write, but don’t want to pay for software?

First, I encourage to you to buy the app on the marketplace, this supports development.

If your really cheap.. you can do the following.

Note, you must be rooted for this to work.

  • adb shell
  • su
  • mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system


  • adb shell
  • sudo  mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system

This has been used to rename .apk files to .bak files to remove “bloatware” type apps on stock roms, but with root.    Btw, those apps are located in /system/app

Note: do NOT delete the bloatware apps, OTA updates will not work, and files need to be renamed back to .apk files in order for OTA to work.  If you delete you may need to reflash your stock rom.


New Doctor who around the corner

Thats right.. Thanks to learning how to use GIT and creating a library system for our apps, our turn around time has increased 10 times.

So what took a week, no only takes a few hours.

Infact, Trains, Airplanes and Dr Who updates should be released this weekend.

Animal Lite, and Classic Lite, and Annoying ringtones may also be released.

New Sounds on the Market

Airplane Ringtones

Train Sounds



Now live, please comment and let us know your thoughts.

Having a problem?  Please submit feedback via our menu system (currently in Train sounds only).

We are using this same code and will be updating our existing apps over the next few weeks.

Stay Tuned.